Basement Waterproofing

Southeastern Home Solutions has many different interior waterproofing and drainage products that can help keep your basement dry. A wet basement can lead to mold and mildew, affecting the health of your family. It can also ruin living space. With the correct basement waterproofing installed in your home, you can use all the space in your home for living or storage space, and prevent mold, mildew, bug infestations and more. Here are some of the products we use for basement waterproofing, depending on your specific needs.

The Versa Drain by Emecole

Southeastern Home Solutions is proud to use Versa Drain by Emecole for their basement waterproofing needs. The Versa-Drain is designed to sit on top of the footings which prevents clogging from soil and ground debris. Versa Drain can be used with both block foundations and poured foundations. The 6-foot pieces and connectors assure that on-site assembly goes smoothly and costs much less than the standard outside drainage systems.

Concrete is poured level to the baseboard extension to give your room a neat, clean look while providing superior waterproofing. The Versa Drain collects the water from the basements perimeter and effectively carries it to your sump pump. The Versa Drain can be installed with or without the baseboard extensions. The baseboard extension directs water seepage to the drain.

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