Concrete Leveling

Southeastern Home Solutions specializes in residential concrete lifting and leveling. Concrete leveling is a cost effective alternative for fixing uneven concrete at your home or business. By saving the existing concrete you can save a lot of money while providing a safe, level surface. When concrete sinks or settles, cracks can form. Concrete can become unsafe for sidewalks and driveways or cause additional problems with your home. By leveling concrete you can resolve problems with unsightly concrete, broken concrete, concrete with voids beneath it, areas that have drainage issues, tripping hazards, or other areas of potential liability. We use a process called Poly Raise to lift and level concrete. This process can be used on many different surfaces.

Why is Poly Raise Such an Effective Solution?

before and after concrete levelingbefore and after concrete liftingThere is no question that Poly Raise provides more benefits that other methods of leveling concrete. The biggest benefit is that is so much less expensive than replacing concrete. There are so many other benefits as well however:

  • No demolition is required
  • You don't have to worry about landscaping
  • Poly Raise is environmentally friendly, more so than replacing concrete
  • Polyurethane seals cracks and joints from beneath the concrete
  • You can use the concrete the same days as the application - curing in about 15 minutes
  • Polyurethane will not lose density
  • Polyurethane naturally fills voids, so you can prevent future settlement and sinking

So how does Poly Raise work? First, you need to have the right equipment for this specialized work. We will use a special drill to drill a small hole in the concrete that needs to be raised. We will insert a hose into the hole to hydraulically inject a special polyurethane foam into the void or space beneath the concrete and raise the concrete. We then will patch the holes that were drilled and allow the polyurethane to set. Polyurethane is strong and long lasting to make your concrete stable and safe. To learn more about the Poly Raise process or to get an estimate on raising your concrete, contact Southeastern Home Solutions today. Our team is well trained in Poly Raise solutions for raising concrete, and we can resolve your concrete problems fast. We look forward to assisting you in Huntsville, Chatanooga, Birmingham, and the surrounding area!

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