Disinfectant Fogging

What are the benefits of Anasphere Plus™ Fogging Disinfectant?

Anasphere Plus™ can be highly beneficial for many reasons beyond its ability to eradicate the coronavirus on treated surfaces.

  • Fogging application of the product delivers thorough coverage when compared to wiping down with alternative solutions.
  • Furniture, fabrics, and wallcoverings are not harmed in the process.
  • Effective within 2 hours
  • Does not leave a strong odor or fumes, a concern with bleaching agents

Developed and produced by Anabec Systems, Anasphere Plus™ is a concentrated disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, is virucidal, (and) fungicidal, and eliminates odor-causing bacteria when used as directed. Simply put, Anasphere Plus™ is your best weapon against the COVID-19 virus on surfaces. It can effectively decontaminate your space, residence or building so that you and your clients or customers can enjoy a greatly reduced risk of infection as you go about your daily routine.


The latest version of Anasphere Plus™ is engineered to be positively charged. Cells of all bacteria, fungi, and viruses are negatively charged. This allows Anasphere Plus™ to attach to negatively charged outer cell walls of microbial pathogens and ultimately destroy them, thus disinfecting surfaces.

Anasphere Plus™ has passed specific virucidal efficacy testing through the EPA to meet List N: Criteria which is required for eradicating SARS-Co V2, the virus causing COVID-19 or coronavirus today. This virus can live on most types of surfaces for varying amounts of time and has proven to be highly transmittable and contagious for the human population. 

EPA registered disinfectant and has over 140 kill claims, including but not limited to:

  • Hepatitis B & C virus
  • Herpes Simplex type 1 & 2 Virus
  • HIV-1 (AIDS virus)
  • MRSA
  • Influenza (All Strains)
  • Measles Virus
  • Noro Virus
  • COVID-19

SHS can provide fogging disinfection using Anasphere Plus™ as a superior alternative to hand cleaning or wiping down surfaces with other cleaning or bleach agents. Fogging disinfection is rapid, thorough and highly effective at reaching all surfaces in treated areas. Our team is equipped to safely administer Anasphere Plus™ in areas of all sizes, from hallways to rooms to warehouses.

Steps you need to take before we mist

  • Remove or cover all materials which could be damaged by moisture, e.g. paperwork, artwork, photographs.
  • Remove all food items from the area to be treated.
  • Place food containers and utensils inside cupboards or drawers.
  • Cover all electrical equipment with plastic, e.g. keyboards and monitors.
  • Remove from the treatment area all valuables you do not want us to treat.
  • Clear access for our Service Professionals, including removing trip hazards.
  • Remove any pets from the treatment area.

Steps when we mist

  • The disinfection application involves the use of an atomizing cold fogging system designed to disperse the disinfectant in fine micron particles appearing to hang in the air as they slowly settle onto all surfaces.
  • This will result in the surfaces becoming wet for a short period after the treatment. This period is when the disinfectant is active, and the surface must be left to dry.
  • We will wipe down all frequently touched areas (doorknob/handle, handrails, elevator buttons, kitchen and bathroom areas, etc.)
  • No one should access the structure until at least 2-hours post completion of application, dependent upon the ventilation of the premises.

Steps after we disinfect

Apart from enjoying peace of mind for you and your family or work staff, the following quick housekeeping tips should be noted for continued success between disinfection services:

  • Inform your family or work staff, if there is any moisture remaining when they return, they should dry it with paper towel which should then disposed of. Direct contact with hands or other parts of their bodies should be avoided.
  • Rinse any food/drinking containers before use if they were left in an exposed location.
  • Ensure new materials brought back into the area are sanitized appropriately.
  • Wipe-down all food preparation areas with soap and water.