Crawlspace Encapsulation

crawlspace encapsulationA common problem in Georgia is water or moisture in crawl spaces. A thorough way of resolving this issue is with a crawl space vapor barrier liner. Just like the name suggests, encapsulation is a process in which the area is protected by encapsulating, or lining, it with a vapor barrier. This will keep out moisture, bugs, small animals, water, foul odors, and just about any other element that nature could throw at your home.

Vapor Barrier

At Southern Home Solutions, we use WhiteCap™ vapor barriers. Their liner is available in a 20 mil thickness. It also comes in a 12 mil thickness. We believe that not all vapor barriers stack up the same. We choose WhiteCap™ vapor barriers because they are long-lasting and perform over time to improve the air quality of your home. It keeps water vapor out, while keeping your walls and floors dry. WhiteCap™ vapor barriers have been proven to last over decades. You can choose a cheap plastic liner, but it won't do the job nearly as well or for as long. Even the materials of cheap liners can give off foul odors, and isn't that part of what you are trying to prevent?

Healthy Air in Your Home

Improved air in your home means no mold or mildew , which will help prevent problems for family members with allergies or asthma. We also recommend installing a dehumidifier like the Santa Fe Advanced2 in conjunction with your vapor barrier for truly advanced air care for the best air quality your home can have. Together, these solutions will help prevent damage that can cost your family a lot of money, all while giving you a comfortable living environment and extra storage space in your home. Contact us today to have an inspection and get a free estimate on your crawlspace encapsulation project. We proudly serve from Huntsville, Chatanooga, Birmingham, and everywhere in between.

The white and blue WhiteCap™ is a traditional, heavy duty liner that is used for the floors of dirt crawlspaces.
  • 20 Mil Thickness
  • Cord Reinforced for Strength
  • Bright White Appearance with Blue Backing
  • Fire-Rated Material
The white and green WhiteCap™ is a thinner material, but just as durable. It may be the perfect solution to your encapsulation projects that do not require the heavier material.

  • 12 Mil Thickness
  • Bright White Appearance with Green Backing
  • Reinforced Cords