Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

Santa Fe Advance2 for crawlspace waterproofing The Santa Fe Advance2 Dehumidifier is specifically designed for crawl spaces. Southeastern Home Solutions recommends and uses this product because it functions very well in crawl spaces. The unit has a horizontal configuration, which makes it unique and perfect for crawlspaces.

It fits in the space where traditional dehumidifiers cannot fit. The design allows the homeowner easy access to change the filters when needed and carries an Energy Star rating which ensures maximum efficiency.

The benefits of the Santa Fe Advance2 Dehumidifier:
  • Specialized design for operating in the crawl space
  • Stops mold spores
  • Automatically restarts at the original setting after a power and/or electrical interruption
  • Easy filter access
  • It is specially designed for low temperature operation needed for the unique air flow issues of a crawlspace
  • There is an auto restart feature in case of a power outage

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