Foundation Repair, Concrete Leveling & Interior Waterproofing in Georgia

Georgia Foundation Repair and WaterproofingSoutheastern Home Solutions is proud to serve parts of the state of Georgia. It is our goal to help you understand what problems might be occurring with your Georgia home, and help you fix them. Georgia sees lots of rain, and because of this, it is very common for foundation problems to occur. When too much rain builds up around your foundation, whether it be a slab foundation or a basement, it can cause many problems. The pressure that it causes is called hydrostatic pressure. It can push on foundation floors and walls, causing bowing walls, cracks, and seepage or flooding. The opposite is true as well, when the ground is too dry. It can also lead to foundation problems. We can help you know what to look for and then you know when to give Southeastern Home Solutions a call for help. Watch for the following problems:

  • Cracks in walls
  • Cracks in tile
  • Cracks in flooring
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Walls that bow or lean
  • Chimneys that lean
  • Doors and Windows that are misaligned
  • Countertops pulling away from walls
  • Water coming in through cracks
  • Stairs and steps pulling away from the foundation
  • Brick and Masonry chipping or flaking

You can help by keeping your gutters clear of debris and by making sure that all drainage is intact and moving water down and away from the foundation. But if you notice the signs above, it is time to call the team at Southeastern Home Solutions. We have a multi-facetted group of services can resolve foundation and water problems as well as concrete problems.

Foundation Repair in Georgia

Georgia Foundation RepairIf you have foundation repair needs, we have solutions. We offer wall supports to add support to bowing and leaning walls. When walls have extreme loads put on them from expanding soils, the force bracket wall repair system from Nash can be the perfect solution. The best part is no invasive measures are needed! When you install this system, you don't have to worry about expensive excavation outside the walls. To learn more click here.

We also install crawlspace jacks to support sagging floors. We use the Power Post Crawl Space Stabilization System. They are easy to install, strong and have a high capacity. You can adjust the height. They are made of galvanized steel tubes with components coated in zinc for added support. Contact our team to see if these are right for your crawl space.

Interior Waterproofing in Georgia

We have a wide array of waterproofing services that we offer for Georgia homes and businesses. We install sump pumps and sump pits, as well as the Versa Drain by Emecole. It is a proven solution for water problems in basements and crawlspaces. We are also experienced in crawlspace encapsulation with vapor barriers. This allows you to use all the space in your home as intended including your basement or crawlspace.

Slab Lifting and Concrete Leveling in Georgia

We depend on the effective polyurethane lifting and leveling tools from Poly Raise. It's a long lasting and economical method of lifting and leveling concrete. From driveways to garages, concrete stairs to patios, Poly Raise is a great choice. Our team has the right equipment for this specialized solution. We drill a hole into the concrete and insert a hose and hydraulically inject polyurethane foam into the void or space where slab or concrete has settled and lift it. Call us for more information.

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We use only the best products from suppliers such as Nash, Whitecap, EZFlow, and more. With great products and a well experienced team here at Southeastern Home Solutions you know that your Georgia foundation and crawlspace issues can be fixed right the first time. Contact us for a free estimate on your repairs today!