Foundation Repair in Huntsville, AL

Many homeowners in Huntsville have experienced some type of foundation problem. Alabama weather changes so much between hot and dry to cold and wet and everything in between that it takes its toll on the soil underneath your home. The constant shrinking and expanding clay will eventually crack or move your foundation. Huntsville residents should keep an eye out for signs of foundation damage. Fixing a small problem will prevent you from having to deal with a large problem down the road. An unstable foundation can lead to structural damage to your home, along with other issues. Some things to look for include:

  • Bowing or leaning walls
  • Chipping concrete foundation
  • Cracks in ceiling, floors, walls or tile
  • Garage column cracks
  • Stains coming from cracks
  • Sticky doors and windows
  • Tilting chimneys

Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing in Huntsville, AL

Anyone that spends some time in Alabama can attest to the fact we get some pretty good thunderstorms, complete with torrential downpours. That's why it is important for Huntsville homeowners to have a waterproofing and drainage system set up to protect their home and belongings. If your basement isn't waterproofed correctly, you can experience mold growth or insect infestation, which can both be hazardous to your family's health. There are other things that can happen when you have a wet basement or crawlspace:

  • Expanded wall or floor cracks
  • Rust on metal appliances or fixtures
  • Introduction of pests
  • Damage to furniture or stored items
  • Stained carpet and walls
We are happy to help you with a wide variety of waterproofing and drainage systems for your Huntsville home. If you have seen a traditional French drain system in work before, you will really like our EZFlow drain pipes. They are easily installed in a fraction of the time it takes to do an old-fashioned pipe. In addition, they have a higher water flow and require no gravel. These high-durability, low-maintenance pipes have a 100-year lifespan.

Southeastern Home Solutions is proud to offer the Santa Fe Dehumidifier. This dehumidifier is specifically built for crawlspaces, with a horizontal shape for easy access to the filters. With its Energy Star rating, it is sure to provide energy efficiency while keeping your crawlspace dry.

Out team of highly-trained professionals can also install the right size sump pump and sump pit for your home in Huntsville, AL. We want to ensure you have a dry home, providing your family safety and comfort. Call Southeastern Home Solutions today, if you have any questions or would like more information.

Concrete Repair & Leveling in Huntsville, AL

cracked concrete Huntsville, ALOver time, you may have noticed your sidewalk or patio has become cracked or uneven, or maybe your driveway or porch has sunk or settled unevenly. You should have Southeastern Home Solutions check it out. Even a small crack can become a big problem, letting water in where it shouldn't be or weeds to come up through it. Also, an uneven slab can be a tripping hazard for family members or guests. It's expensive to replace concrete, however having it repaired is relatively affordable. We have found that Poly Raise is the best way to repair damaged Huntsville concrete. The procedure is an easy process: our experts drill a small hole in your concrete and fill it with a polyurethane foam, which expands, filling every void, crack and hole. Your concrete will raise to its desired height, and in a short amount of time you can use the surface. We can use Poly Raise on any concrete slab you have, including basements, garages, porches, driveways and steps.

Poly Raise has many benefits including:

  • Fills void naturally
  • Cost effective
  • Prevents future settlement and sinking
  • No demolition required
  • Doesn't lose its density
  • Won't disturb landscaping
  • Cures in 15 minutes
  • Seals all cracks and joints beneath the surface
  • Long term stability
  • Eco-friendly
The professionals at Southeastern Home Solutions can make your damaged concrete safe to use again. We have the expert knowledge to repair any concrete issues you may be experiencing. We are proud to serve the Huntsville area, so call us today to learn more about all we can do for you.