Concrete Leveling

Southeastern Home Solutions is your premier concrete leveling company in Alabama. If you have shifting, settling, or cracked concrete, we can provide you with a free quote for repair.

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Water intrusion is a common problem that many homeowners face. It is important to take necessary precautions and prevent serious moisture damage with professional waterproofing products.

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Foundation Repair

Let us detect signs of foundation damage in your home before it's too late. Whether you have cracks in your walls, doors and windows that will not close, or stair step cracks in your brick, we can fix it!

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Disinfectant Fogging

Let us help you protect your family from COVID-19 with in home fogging disinfectant application.

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Southeastern Home Solutions has been outstanding with all our needs for our home. They discuss projects in detail and they clean up after each day.”

- Emma Townsend, Industry Service Provider

Welcome to Southeastern Home Solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions for homeowners and businesses experiencing waterproofing, concrete issues, or foundation damage. SHS has only top quality repair specialists and stand behind the craftsmanship displayed at each job site. Call us today at 256-665-0393 for a free quote. Our service area covers parts of Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Concrete Lifting

Southeastern Home Solutions are leaders in the industry and understand the importance of your home or business. Here at SHS, we take pride in our superior craftsmanship in concrete lifting and leveling services. Concrete lifting, also known as Poly Raise, can be a clean, cost-effective approach to lifting your shifting concrete. With this method, small holes are drilled into the concrete so that an expansive polyurethane material can be injected underground to fill voids and lift the concrete. An uneven slab can cause injuries or cause water to drain improperly, leading to foundation damage. If you have noticed cracks in your concrete slabs, or if you start to see that the slabs are sinking or heaving, contact us today. We offer concrete leveling for all kinds of slabs, including concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways, patios, and other concrete slabs.

Foundation Waterproofing

grip tite foundatiaon repair products installerIf your home or business is having a problem with water damage, Southeastern Home Solutions can help prevent water from entering your structure. Our experts will help with leaking windows or cracks, damaged or inadequate sump pumps, and other drainage issues. If you notice water coming into your basement through windows or cracks in the concrete, call us immediately. Damp basement walls, high humidity, and musty odors can also be a sign of a basement water problem. Drying up your home will help remove odors and stop water from damaging your home and belongings. We offer various waterproofing solutions to take care of your issues in no time. Click here to learn more about waterproofing your home or business.