Sump Pumps/Pits

Sump pumps normally work in combination with a sump pit. The sump pit is simply a hole dug into the ground generally in the basement or crawlspace of a house, which allows water to collect in it. The pump then pumps the water out of that sump pit hole.

A basement or crawlspace sump pump is most often used in situations where the house's basement or crawlspace is below the water table level or where flooding is common. But those are not the only areas where a sump pump and pit may be deemed useful. In most homes that have a basement, odds are they have a sump pump, especially if they have a finished basement with furniture in it.

Types of Sump Pumps

sump pumpThere's usually two types of sump pumps: a pedestal, or upright style and a submersible style. As their name reflects, the pedestal style sump pump sits above the sump pit, and it's easier to reach and perform maintenance and cleaning. A submersible sump pump actually goes down into the sump pit itself. The submersible sump pumps are difficult to reach and perform maintenance on of course, but they are sealed in a sealed housing to prevent electrical short circuits when water collects in the pit.

When the rain comes and the soil around your foundation becomes saturated, that water can leak into the basement or crawlspace. Just an inch of water can do extensive damage, so precaution becomes the norm.

Southeastern Home Solutions can work directly with you to determine your sump pump needs. Sump pumps feature a sump pit that is normally attached to a drain system that runs a safe distance away from the home. We can also provide battery back up sump pumps for that added protection during inclement weather or power outages. Our team is well trained in interior waterproofing methods as well as crawlspace waterproofing and basement waterproofing to help keep your home safe and healthy. Call today to get an estimate on your waterproofing project for your Huntsville, Birmingham, or Chattanooga home..