Wall Supports | Force Bracket Foundation Repair System

Wall Repair

wall supports for wall and foundation repairBasement foundation walls bow, lean, and crack due to extensive loads put on them by soils that expand. Soil expansion cannot be avoided, it naturally expands and contracts depending on weather situations. Therefore, wall and foundation repair may be required.

Southeastern Home Solutions uses the reputable Force Bracket Foundation Repair System by Nash. The Force Bracket is a patent pending structural tension loaded I-beam wall repair system that is used to align block or concrete walls over time. The design allows for 1,000 pounds of constant pressure against the foundation wall. Once the weather allows the soils around a foundation wall to dry out, that is when the tension loaded spring goes to work, applying pressure against the steel I-beam, thus allowing corrective movement.

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair without additional effort? The Force system is a self maintained, cost-effective, and maintenance free foundation and wall straightening system.

Installation is simple. Two concrete anchors on the bottom bracket of the steel I-beam, then the tension loaded spring anchors at the top. Outside excavation is eliminated. For excellent support for foundation walls installed by an expertly trained foundation repair team, count on Southeastern Home Solutions. Call us to get started on your foundation repair estimate today. Southeastern Home Solutions is proud to serve Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga, and the surrounding area.