Wet Basement

wet basement Tennessee Georgia AlabamaWhen you step off the bottom step into ankle-deep water, you know you undoubtedly have a wet basement, but there are other signs that aren't always so obvious.

You may notice a musty smell not just downstairs, but throughout your entire home. The basement may feel humid and stuffy. There may be efflorescence, a chalky white residue on concrete walls, which is left by evaporated water. You may also notice tiles popping off, or loose and wet carpeting.

Causes of Wet Basements

When it comes to water damage, the first step to take is to find out what caused it, and where the water is coming from. Here are some common sources that you may find around your home:

  • High humidity
  • Leaking pipes
  • Failing sump pumps
  • Cracked foundation
  • Oversaturated soil
  • Poor drainage

An easy way to see if the water is coming from inside or outside is to tape a one foot square piece of aluminum foil to the basement wall and leave it for 24 hours. When you look at it the next day, if the moisture is on the outside of the foil, then it is coming from inside. If the moisture is between the foil and the wall, then it is coming from outside.

Before any work is done, you should get rid of of any water-damaged belongings, so you don't have a mold problem. Some types of mold can cause serious health issues for you and your family. Call Southeastern Home Solutions today if you are concerned about your wet basement. We can help discover the root issues and come up with a personalized solution for your needs.

Take Precautions Against Wet Basements

water rain gutter Alabama Georgia TennesseeOne way to protect your basement from flooding is to regularly check your gutters and downspouts and make sure they are not clogged or broken. A clogged gutter will overflow with water and spill directly onto your foundation walls, and into your basement. Make sure that your downspouts are extended at least 10 feet away from your home to ensure that water isn't pooling up around your foundation.

Another thing you can do is make sure that the grade along your home is properly set and that driveways and sidewalks also drain away from your house. If you have basement windows or stairwells, there should be a drain installed nearby. Another option is to cover the window with a plastic cover or install a roof in the stairwell. Both of these areas should have a raised-lip edge to keep the water out.

Repairing a Wet Basement

Depending on the cause of the wet basement, there are different steps to take to make it dry. A professional from Southeastern Home Solutions can help you determine the best solution. Here are some of the products that we offer for repair:

Call us today and receive a free inspection and estimate for your wet basement. The experts at Southeastern Home Solutions are ready to help you with all of your wet basement problems in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.