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5 Reasons to Waterproof Your Home

homeowner tips: 5 reasons to waterproof your home right now, protect your home & family, shsrepair.comWith rain on the forecast for the rest of the week throughout Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia, it’s important to start thinking about the damage that all of this water could do to your home and foundation. Excessive rain can saturate the soil, causing water to pool around your home and seep inside. Not only does this cause wet basements and flooding, but it can also result in deterioration and other foundation problems.

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Read on to find out why you should waterproof your home and basement to prevent these issues and how Southeastern Home Solutions can help.

#1: Prevent Basement and Home Flooding

A home that does not have adequate basement and foundation waterproofing runs the risk of letting water seep inside. Water normally enters your basement and home through cracks in the foundation, although it can also seep through the porous concrete of the foundation walls. Installing proper drainage systems, ensuring that downspouts work properly, and manipulating the slope of the lawn so that water does not pool by the home are all important steps in reducing basement moisture and flooding. Sum pump systems in the home also prevent flooding by removing and rerouting any excess water that makes its way into the basement.

#2: Reduce Humidity and Moisture

If any water makes its way into your basement, even if it is a small amount, it can cause high humidity in the area. This high humidity can affect the air throughout your home, since the air in your basement cycles through the rest of the home. High moisture levels in the air can also affect respiratory conditions and cause the home to feel warmer during the summer months, meaning you might spend more on air conditioning. To reduce moisture, make sure any cracks in your foundation are properly closed and sealed and invest in interior waterproofing. De-humidifiers from Santa Fe can also help reduce excess moisture and humidity in your basement.

#3: Protect Your Foundation

Several foundation problems can result from water seepage. If water starts collecting in puddles against your home, it can start to eat away at the concrete foundation or seep through the porous materials, causing the concrete to weaken. This puts the structural stability of your home at risk. In addition, a lack of proper drainage around your basement and foundation can result in high hydrostatic pressure when the soil gets saturated. This pressure pushes on the foundation and can cause shifting and crack formation. Be sure to install adequate drainage and fill in any low spots near the hoe where water might collect to prevent these issues.

#4: Keep Your Personal Property Safe

Flooding and damp basements present a range of different issues. One of these issues is that the water that enters your home might ruin your personal property. All kinds of personal items, such as electronics, upholstered furniture, paper documents, and more can be ruined by basement flooding and dampness. Water seepage in your basement can also cause wood rot, metal rust, and can cause insulation in the walls to become soaked musty. Proper drainage systems and a sump pump system alleviate these problems by keeping water out of your home.

#5: Stop Mold Growth Before it Starts

High moisture levels in your basement can provide the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew commonly grow in areas you may not be able to see or access easily when moisture seeps into your basement. Be aware of any musty odors or any worsened respiratory issue or allergy symptoms among residents of your home. Get any visible mold removed as soon as possible and follow with waterproofing and dehumidification to prevent future mold growth.

Keep your home and family safe with basement waterproofing from SHS. Call us for a free quote today to combat the spring rains.

April Showers Bring…Wet Basements

Most of the Southeastern Home Solutions service area, including Birmingham and Chattanooga, has been inundated with torrential rainfalls during the month of April. The rains were welcomed at first to help with drought conditions, but the showers quickly became too much of a good thing as streets and basements began flooding. Some areas reported over 5 inches of rain in just one day and there was just nowhere for the rain to go in that short of time.

Foundation Damage Caused By Flooding

There are several ways that excess water can damage the foundation of your home or business. Oversaturated soil can push against the basement walls with extreme amounts of pressure. This can call foundation walls to bow, lean, or even collapse.

As the water pushes against the walls, even a hairline crack can allow water to seep in. Wet basements can be susceptible to mold and mildew and will attract bugs and other pests. Your belongings and furnishings can be damaged by the intruding water, in addition to weakening the structural material of your home.

Fortunately, there are solutions to repairing foundation damage caused by rain and flooding. Southeastern Home Solutions can repair cracks, bowing or leaning walls, and other foundation damage.

The Best Defense is Being Prepared

There are some steps you can do to help lower the chance of water entering your basement:

  • Clean gutters of debris and leaves, so they empty correctly
  • Make sure downspouts are emptying at least 10 feet from the foundation
  • Check that the grade outside your home is draining properly
  • Repair unlevel driveways and sidewalks so water doesn’t pool against the walls
  • Install a drain or window cover in basement windows

You can also help keep your basement dry by using a dehumidifier. Keeping the air dry in the basement will help reduce the chance of mold and foul odors moving through the house.

Time to Call in the Pros?

Waiting until your basement is full of water is not the time to think about waterproofing. With the amount of rainfall we experienced the last couple of weeks, water can come in from many locations like basement windows, and floor and wall cracks.

Before you start any repairs you’ll want to get a free inspection from a waterproofing expert, like those at Southeastern Home Solutions. They can determine what steps are needed to keep your basement dry and your home safe and healthy.

You may need drains or a sump pump installed. There are several types of drains and pumps, so you need to get a professional opinion of what is best for your situation. A battery back-up pump will give you peace of mind if the power goes out, your main pump fails, or it can’t keep up with rain by itself.

The way the weather has been acting, it’s only a matter of time before we have another large rain event. Make sure your home and basement are ready to handle what Mother Nature throws at you.